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Day 6 – A bird


The birds in Ireland are very outgoing and do not give a flying f#@k about anyone else. Especially the seagulls are aggressive. In Denmark I do not need to give them much thought as they mind their own business and do not engage much with people. However, in Dublin, they will steal your food and generally not leave you alone. I try to avoid them as much as possible, but around the Liffey river, it is almost impossible.

This one was a more quiet one and actually just stood there watching the people crossing the bridge. In that sense this one sort of remind me of the pigeons in Copenhagen. There are a lots of them, but they many just walk between the people. That or it was about to attack someone.

Their call is also something that I find distinctively different from Copenhagen, because I associate it with the sea and a coast. Both Copenhagen and Dublin are harbor cities, but it is much more apparent in Dublin, because of the Liffey river. In the city center of Copenhagen you have the pigeons, which mostly stays on the ground, and in Dublin you have the seagulls flying around (taking your food).


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Day 5 – Romance


Lots of business and dates happening at my local pub/bar Black Bird. Wonderful atmospheres and lots of couple joining the night (it seems at least, I have not asked yet 😉 ). I walk pas this place every time I have to do some shopping, do laundry or going for food and I cannot help but sneak a peak inside, because it looks so nice and cozy. It reminds of some of my favorite places in Copenhagen all rolled into one.

Now, to speak about romance; I must say that the Irish are more clam and relaxed on the whole subject than the Danes, from what I have experienced. I see more PDA in Denmark than here in Ireland, and you know what? I do not mind. The Irish are just more cool about it and in general has a more open approach to everything, where Danes are more reserved. This is differently one thing I am going to miss, when I return to Denmark; the Irish people. If I could bring them along it would be ideal.

This is going to be a short post, because it is late and I am going to bed with a good movie soon.

See tomorrow, with a new picture.

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Day 4 – Happiness

Happiness can be and is many things, but for today I find it to be me with snacks, a glass of cola; watching The Grand Tour and playing Minecraft.

I find it very relaxing fiddling around with my computer and then I create something, so Minecraft is kind of perfect in this sense. I usually play with a group of friends, which make it even better, but today I just need to unwind and finally watch The Grand Tour, since the true Top Gear stopped running on BCC.

This is one big aspect of my life that has not change since moving to Ireland; my habit of gaming and streaming (and I hope it never will). The escape from life through gaming is a wonderful thing and I feel that I might always need it.

Now, to get a bit profound; one of the reasons I moved my life to Ireland, was to find internal happiness in a way. Not that I was not happy in Denmark, but I needed to prove to myself that I could stand on my own two foot and make it; without the support net I have in Denmark. I needed to get to know myself a bit more and test out some limits. Ireland has taught me a lot so far and one important thing here is independence.

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Day 3 – Mess


I have at times a very tidy househouse and well organized home, but then there are the other times. My laziness or social life get in the way and my couch will no longer be visible. Also, the smaller the space, more stuff to place. (see what I did there?). For some reason, the less space I have to live on, the more packed mess I make. However, when I clean and tidy up, I get creative and actually use the space very well to create as such room as possible.

I tend not to keep it tidy for a long while, but I am fine with that. The reason being that then I get to have a day where I tidy up and I find that incredibly calming. Except when it comes to the sorting of the kitchen. Habit sets in and mess becomes organized. I know where everything is and it is just me. There is nothing like a little chaos. It keeps life interesting. (I mean, IKEA bags in the kitchen cupboard?!).

I only have one cupboard that is not for kitchenware, so it is an easy fix and I am not really bothered by it. I lived like that for 5 years at the dorm, so I think I will be fine with this in Ireland.

Awful lot of flour in there and that makes for an excellent excuse to do some baking. Weeee! Nothing better than baking. Plus, it creates more mess!


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Day 2 – Stairs


So for the second day we are looking at stairs and here we have the ones I walk up and down every day from my studio (the one on the first upper landing). It recently go shined up a bit with a bit of paint and proper cleaning, so things are a bit more in order now. On good days, I carry my bike up and down these stairs to bike to work. It was difficult in the beginning, but I got a hang of it now. One of my gennembores advised me to keep my bike in the studio, because it is too new and would probably get nicked quickly, if I left it outside in front of the house.

I do wonder often, how the house was before it was converted into independent studios. How did it function as one house and living space for a share group of people? I live on the first floor in the back of the house, which I think was build on and was part of an addition to the house or backroom of some kind. The two studios on the top floor, I believe was once an attic and the once above was probably the main rooms, once upon a time.

It is on these steps I hear the most commotion in the house, as I rarely hear anything from the other studios. It reminds me of the dorm I used to live in, as there I would normally hear dorm mates in the common areas and not really in there room (with the exception of those I shared a wall with).

For this picture I turned the lights on, but normally I do not, because I am that lazy and I know the steps well enough that I do not need to. So far, I have not fallen once.

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Day 1 – 10 PM

So it’s been awhile since I last posted and it is not with my good conscious, things just move too fast at times. So to try and catch up, I’ll do a photo series for 30 days; one photo a day based on an already chosen topic and I’ll related it to my life here in Dublin.

As my first photo with the title “10 PM” it is what I mostly do right before bedtime; play a game and read. I recently began read some different kinds of books. I usually read fiction in genres of fantasy, science fiction and YA, but I am starting to read more factual and culture subjects. It is nice to read this again, it reminds me of my time at university.

The peace and quite of the night before bed, is the best time I know; no matter where I am.

The house I live in is quiet and you would not think it was leading right down to Rathmines Road, which is a busy road throughout the days and evenings. I barely hear anything, except of the local pubs is popping, which is every weekend and holiday.

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Busy bee gotta fly

So more than two months went by like a flash, but I am back! Life has been going by at its usual pace, but let’s catch up a bit:

I went to Phoenix Park with some co-workers one Sunday in March. There we saw great big deer.

DSC_0056We got really close to them and we just sat there with them. We were lucky with the weather and got to see some of the park in the dry.

Since then everything has become more and more in bloom over here; much earlier than it would have in Denmark.

DSC_0038IMG_20190412_103936_793It is really a lovely sight to have each day walking to work from the bus stop. I went to St. Stephen’s Green park in March and it close to being a sea of colour, which it has become now.


This is a picture of the view from my bus stop in the morning. The dome in the background is the church I practically live next.

I have been to both Howth and Bray and I will share those picture later on. I will try to be more active here and sharing what is happening.

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Inscrutable Irish Idiosyncrasies: Item 3

The fear of snow!

In Denmark you would need more than 1 meter of snow (and this would have to be more solid then normal) for anyone to even consider shutting anything down within the country borders. If you can get out the door, so can everyone else, so why close anything down? This might be exaggerated, but the point stands and I think you get it.

And then you have Ireland and Dublin in particular…

You need less than 10 cm of snow and the whole city will shut down?! How can this work in any way?! I understand that you are not equipped for snow on a governmental level, because you so rarely get some, but why have private households not equipped themselves for these situations? I heard stories about people in 2018 breaking into a closed Lidl to get food, because of the snow. The snow was a fine layer on the ground you could sweep away with a broom and people was breaking into stores.

This is not the apocalypse, a virus outbreak or wartime, and people are going nuts. For 10-20 cm of snow?! It baffles me.

Do not get me wrong, I would gladly take a snow-day, but it would baffle me as to why.

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Wasted space (and a bit of Marie Kondo)

So I have changed my perspective, when it comes to my studio and I am new seeing it as a challenge of my creativity. It turns out to be quite fun, more than I thought initially.

Like many other Netflix users (and parasites 😉 ) I have binged ‘Tidying with Marie Kondo” and that has set me in motion to fold every article of clothing that I own.

DSC_0468Everything is so neat and tidy and it has become easier to choose what to wear in the morning. I can instantly see what I have a make choice.

In addition to folding everything, I have to add one aspect to this style of tidying, which I call “Wasted Space”. I find this to be important when you live in a studio. It did this when I lived in a dorm back in Denmark that was slightly different.

In a studio you do not have many nooks and corners you can use to store or hid stuff. Paradoxically, it might end up creating some Wasted Space. You want to find uses for these space. so you can use your living space optimal, without creating a clutter.

So here is my list of getting rid of Wasted Spaces:

Two-in-one items
You have to find multiple functions for certain things, so you can save room, by only having one tool for that particular function. For instance, I have a blanket (a gift from my parents, thanks Mum and Dad), which use in the weekend, when watching TV on the couch. It can kept cold in the studio and this blanket is a real snuggle one, so it is perfect. However, when I do not use it, I do not want to see it lying around or have to pack it away constantly. My solution: I cover my bed with it, to add some warm during the night. It then serves two purposes and add values, even when I am not using it myself. 

Hidden functions and purposes
This is something I have been doing ever since I moved out from my parents’ home. If you are living with limit space, compared to how many things you have to fit into the space, this is excellent. If you have something you need to store for later use or only occasional usage, you might use it something else. Otherwise, it just takes up space and becomes wasted space in itself. In this instance, I have a suitcase in my studio that takes up a lot of space and I did not know what to do with it. Before I get my big desktop computer over, I stored the suitcase under my desk, but it could no longer fit there next to my computer and board games. Instead, I placed it in my bathroom upright and use it as a shelf for my towels.

On the walls
Most of us have empty walls when we move into a new place and it was like that for me. If you have the option to hang shelves on the wall, please do it, it can save up much space. I used this in my kitchen, to hang my bags of bags (we all have one). Also, in the bath to hang my creams and shampoos.

These are some of things I have done to improve upon my living space. Best thing, is still the folding. Everything looks so nice and neat whenever I open up my drawers.

It is the little things in life that make up life.

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New Year – New …?

So 2019 is upon us and I do not know how to feel about it. I usually have a sense of what to expect or hope for in the new year, but this time I find myself completely clueless.

Had you asked or said to me last year at Christmas that I would be living in Dublin a year later, I would not have believed you at first. However, because of this mayor change in my lift, which happened quite fast, I truly do not know what to expect from 2019. Will I still be in this apartment in a year’s time, or even in Dublin?

On some level I still have not quite gotten used to living in Dublin and Ireland yet. It still happens occasionally that I will reference something in Denmark or look forward to something I usually did in Denmark, and after more time that I will care to admit, I realize my mistake. Then I have a small reboot and I re-calibrate to my Irish settings. I do get sad for a moment, because I get a bit homesick.

I do not know what to expect, so I try to expect nothing, hoping for a surprise. I have hoped for great things during previous years and was let down, so I tried to stop expecting that for a new year. However, paradoxically I have never been more hopeful, because of recent major event.

So come at me 2019. I am ready!