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Day 13: Friendship – Mountains and beer

Two weeks ago I had some visitors, two great friends came and saw me in Dublin, and it was wonderful having a bit of home with me for a while in Ireland. We went to various things, but one very impressive things was the tour of the Wicklow mountains. It is unlike anything we have in Denmark, as it is a very flat country (I think only the Netherlands top us on that front), and here we saw mountains. We were not that far from Dublin city and there were mountains?!

I am so glad I got to go and especially share it with friends. The nature of Ireland is really something in its own right. There is something very calming about it in a way. I cannot explain it. I see it also like how Denmark could have looked like. For some reason it makes me less homesick.

Beside our trip to Wicklow mountains, we got to visit two other places, I had wanted to visit for a while, but not alone. It felt it would not have been the same; and I believe I was right. Guinness storehouse and Jameson distillery. It was really interesting and the tasting of course, only made the whole thing better. Drinking Guinness before lunch and without the biggest breakfast, resulted in me being a little tipsy and having a bit of a hangover, while we were eating lunch. I find it somewhat poetic that my first “day-time-drunk” (but really tipsy) experience happened in Ireland.


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