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Day 10 – Laughter


I bike past this place everyday to and from work and I always find it to be full of laughter, more than most place, especially on Fridays. I always make me smile and I really should try and go in there on time. However, it is usually quite crowed like in the picture, so I figure that I rather not.

It is places like this that makes Dublin more alive than Copenhagen, London, Berlin or Paris. No matter the time of year, people will spill into the street from the pub. Apart of the pub is out in front of the door and out in public place. In most other cities I have been people are confined to the inside of the pubs, bars, clubs and discos and only go out to get air or smoke (or they are queuing to get in). They are not out in the street, laughing the night away.

Given that these are pubs that we are talking about, the mood tend to be elevated and high spirited, hence there are more laughter. This only adds to the liveliness of Dublin as a city and I am going to miss that, when I go back to Denmark. It is a shame we do not have more of this in Copenhagen.

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